Bahareh Tabatabaei, M.S.

Joined in Jan 2021, graduated in Aug 2023

Thesis: Additive manufacturing of synthetic rubber reinforced by networked silica

Rui Huang, Ph.D

Joined in Jan 2018, graduated in May 2022

Now at CloudMinds as a senior researcher, Beijing, China

Thesis: Material extrusion additive manufacturing of binder-coated zirconia: process, comprehensive characterizations, and applications

Myoeum Kim, M.S.

Joined in Jan 2019, graduated May 2021

Now a Ph.D. student in University of Virginia

Thesis: Additive manufacturing of rubber ink formulations with high solid content

Daryl Philip, M.S.

Joined in Jan 2018, graduated in Aug 2020

Now a Design Engineer at RB Sigma, Ohio

Thesis: Effects of hardness of 3D printed sensors on sensitivity and load capacity

Md. Omar Faruk Emon, Ph.D.

Joined in Jan 2015, graduated in Aug 2020

Now an Assistant Professor at University of New Haven

Thesis: Ionic liquid-based 3D printed soft pressure sensors and their applications

Byungchul Yang, Visiting Scholar

Jan ~ Sep 2020

Now a Research Engineer at DMT, S. Korea

Research areas: Hybrid Manufacturing of 3D Printing and Electoplating

Aslan Alamdari, M.S.

Joined in August 2017, graduated in December 2019

Now a Ph.D. student in Ohio State University, OH

Thesis: Reducing adhesion force in liquid bridge microstereolithography

Faez Alkadi, Ph.D.

Joined in August 2014, graduated in May 2019

Now an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering in Jazan University, Saudi Arabia

Thesis: Development of a conformal additive manufacturing process and its application

Jeongwoo Lee, Ph.D, Postdoc

Joined in February 2016, terminated in April 2018

Ph.D. in Polymer Engineering at The University of Akron

Now a Senior Researcher in ATC Hankook Tire, Ohio

Research areas: Polymer composites, sensors, liquid-bridge microsterelithography

Yanfeng Lu, Ph.D.

Joined in August 2011, graduated in August 2016

Now in Evonik, Lafayette, IN

Thesis: A study on liquid bridge based microstereolithography (LBMSL) system

Morteza Vatani, Ph.D.

Joined in August 2011, graduated in August 2015

Now in KeraCel, San Jose, CA

Thesis: Additive manufacturing of stretchable tactile sensors: processes, materials, and applications

Noman Muhammad Hasan, M.S.

Joined in January 2012, graduated in August 2014

Ph.D. in Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

Now in Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Akron, OH

Thesis: Numerical analysis of droplet and filament deformation for printing process

Nymisha Satya Mantha, M.S.

Joined in August 2011, graduate in August 2013

Now in Schaeffler, Charlotte, NC

Thesis: Fabrication of PPF based drug containing microneedle array by microstereolithography

Andrea Felicelli, B.S. as a Undergraduate Research Assistant

Joined in Fall 2015, terminated in 2016

Research areas: Low-cost 3D printers supported by NSF REU