Rui’s post-defense presentation to share her journey for pursuing a Ph.D. degree, April 29, 2022.


Lunch together in March 10, 2022.  Free lunch from Sarath.  He won the Best Poster Award from ACS Rubber.

Attendees (from left to right): Bharath Reddy, Bipendra, Mazen, Ahadur, Sarath (host), Jarir, Bahareh, Rui, and Jae-Won

Due to the pandemic, year-end lunch meetings were made with a small group.  Hoping to have all in a single photo in the near future.

After Mid-west American Society of Biomechanics in Sep 2021

Long time no in-person presentation… Made in American Society of Biomechanics in Sep 2021

First virtual lab meeting with  the current members and future students.

Due to Covid-19, the lab members got together outside in Aug 18 2020 and had a small party for welcome and farewell.  Mazen joins and Byungchul leaves.  Byungchul’s son also joined the party.

Dr. Choi gives a gift to Dr. Emon for his graduation (Aug 18 2020).

Online Ph.D. Defense for Mr. Md. Omar Faruk Emon in April 2 2020

A gift for Dr. Alkadi was delivered by Dr. Felicelli in May 6 2019, on behalf of Dr. Choi due to his professional development leave


Lunch together in April 1 2019

A semester-end lunch meeting (May 9 2018)

Researchers from Osstem, ANU and CBNU visited UA and AmericaMakes.  Dr. Eric MacDonald gave an AmericaMakes tour. (Jan 11 2017)

Dr. Yanfeng just graduated!  Congratulations! A photo was taken with his wife and son, Benjamin. (Aug 20 2016)

Dr. Seung-Jae Lee (Wonkwang Univ., Korea) and his students visited UA. (July 2016)

Morteza was called Dr. Vatani! Congratulations!  One shot with the committee members. (May 12 2015)

Morteza is defending his Ph.D. thesis (May 12 2015)

Dr. Ho-Chan Kim (Andong Nat’l Univ., Korea), his students, Dr. In-Hwan Lee (Chungbuk Nat’l Univ., S. Korea) and his students visited AAML. (August 2013)