A proposal has been selected for presentation at CenTiRe

A proposal titled “3D printed smart tires for health monitoring” has been invited for presentation at the CenTiRe Industry Advisory Board (IAB) meetig and consideration for funding. The presentation is scheduled in June 12 in Blacksburg, VA. CenTiRe website

Jae-Won received a FRC award

A project titled “3D Printing of Smart Tires” was awarded.  This project will start from May 2018 for 1 year. FRC website

Jae-Won will have professional development leave 2018F – 2019S in Korea

Dr. Choi will be out of country in 2018F – 2019S for his professional development leave.  He will stay in Pukyong National University, Busan, Korea as a visiting professor in the first half and Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) – Daegyong Regional Branch.

Faez successfully defended a Ph.D. proposal

Congratulations!  Faez had a Ph.D. proposal defense in March 21st, 2018.  He plans to have a Ph.D. defense in Fall 2018.  His thesis title is “Development of Conformal Additive Manufacturing Process and Its Applications.” In his talk, algorithm to realize conformal 3D printing has been discussed.

AAML’s new homepage has been created