New papers accepted

  • Huang, R., Elassi, J., Kim, M., Jo, K.H., Lee, S.K., Morscher, G., Choi, J.W.*, “Material extrusion and sintering of binder-coated zirconia: comprehensive characterizations,” Additive Manufacturing, In Press.
  • Negro, D., Bharambe, V., Oh, Y., Burden, E., Ahlfors, M., Choi, J.W., Du A.P. Adams, J.J., MacDonald, E., Pedro C. “Mechanical Properties of Material Jetted Zirconia Complex Geometries with Hot Isostatic Pressing,” Advances in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, In Press.
  • Emon, M.O.F., Russel, A., Nardkarni, G., Choi, J.W.*, “A Low-Cost Visual Grasp Aid for Neuropathy Patients Using Flexible 3D Printed Tactile Sensors,” ASME Journal of Medical Devices, In Press.